ADVERTISE provides advertisers with a simple, effective and affordable way to acquire new traffic, generate revenue and get more out of their advertising budgets.

How It Works?

Advertisers across a range of industries use to attract real visitors to their websites. In addition to offering precise targeting functionality and strict fraud prevention capabilities, provides rich statistics that enable advertisers to measure campaign performance effectively. Getting started is simple:

Step 1. Fund Your Account

Use the Dashboard to add funds to your account. You can start with as little as $5.

Step 2. Specify Your Campaign

Select your preferred ad type (interstitial, banner or pop ad) and geographic targeting criteria .

Step 3. Get Results

Measure campaign performance via the Dashboard, and adjust targeting criteria to optimize media spend.

Available Ad Formats

Advertisers can use to reach consumers via several different ad formats. Regardless of format, all users who are presented with advertisers’ ads are unique (within 24 hour time frame), have Cookies enabled, have JavaScript enabled and DO NOT use anonymous proxy filters. Further details about the available ad formats are provided below.


Interstitial advertising enables advertisers to present a full web page to consumers. Consumers are exposed to an advertiser’s web page for at least 5 seconds before they can continue through to the destination URL.

Interstitial Banner enables advertisers to present users with a banner in full page interstitial. Consumers are exposed to an advertiser’s banner at least 5 seconds before they can continue through to the destination URL.

coming soon

Pop Ad enables advertisers to present consumers with browser pop ups during the URL re-routing period. These pop ups are a very effective way to reach consumers, but does not provide guarantees with respect to click-through rates.

Advertising Rates

Advertising with is not just effective – it’s also affordable. Check out the frequently-updated advertising rates listed in the table below. Advertisers can give their ads greater priority over other advertisers by using’s bidding system to out-bid other inventory that happens to be in queue at the time of launching a campaign.

By Country

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Qatar
  • Netherlands
  • Sweden
  • New Zealand
  • Iraq
  • Germany
  • Belgium

per 1,000

  • $4.0
  • $3.0
  • $3.0
  • $2.0
  • $2.0
  • $2.0
  • $2.0
  • $2.0
  • $2.0
  • $2.0’s advertising rates were last updated on 24 September, 2015, at 7:28 AM (GMT).

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