Frequently Asked Questions

FOR PUBLISHERS is an online advertising solution that enables you to monetize visitors who click on links that you shorten using’s link shortener.

To get started all you need to do is:

-          Create an account by visiting the homepage and clicking ‘Sign Up’

-          Confirm your email address by following the instructions provided in the confirmation email that is sent to you

-          Sign In to you Any.To account

-          Start shortening URLs using the Any.To link shortener

Once your account is set-up you can earn money each time a visitor clicks on your link. So your objective, in order to earn the most money possible, is to maximize the number of people who are exposed to your links. Please note that you must adhere to the Terms & Conditions at all times. 

The more that people click on your links, the more that you will get paid – it’s that simple. There is no limit to the amount that you can get paid using the service.

The system sometimes takes a few hours to update. But you also need to remember that some forms of traffic are not considered legitimate traffic. Some of the criteria that must be met in order for a visitor to be counted include:

-          The visitor must have Flash in his or her browser

-          The visitor must view the advertisement for at least 5 seconds

-          There must be an advertiser in our system who wants to pay for a visitor in that country

-          The visitor must have not exceeded the maximum limit of viewable links in a day

-          The visitor must accept Cookies

You can see information about the current rates on our website. The important thing to remember is that there works on a revenue share basis – as a publisher, you receive 50% of the revenue generated when an advertiser buys a visitor. These rates change on a regular basis, but you are always able to receive 50% of the revenue. does enable you to monetize visitors on mobile device. You have the option to enable/disable advertising on mobile devices by visiting your Account Settings page in the console.

We use rate limited on our API in order to circumvent abuse. The limit on the number of calls that can be made to the API is currently 3600 per hour. Publishers who require a higher limit are able to make a request by sending us an email to . We cannot guarantee that your request will be approved but we will review your situation closely after receiving the request.

Your statistics are updated regularly at intervals of approximately 30 minutes.

We currently support PayPal payments to publishers only. We will be introducing additional payment methods in future. Note that the minimum amount of earnings that must be achieved in order for you to make a withdrawal is $10.

Your earnings are carried on over to the next month. You can withdraw them later, as soon as you reach the minimum withdrawal amount.

Every now and then PayPal refuses payments to publishers. The best thing to do in this event is to contact PayPal and seek an explanation as to why your payment was received. The main reason for payments being refused is that the publisher is located in a country where PayPal does not allow people to receive money.

PayPal returns refused payments to, so if your payment is refused you will be able to make the withdrawal later after new payment methods have been introduced. accepts publishers from any country. However, our payments provider, PayPal, does not make payments to all countries. If your country is not supported by PayPal, for the time-being we will not be able to make payments to you. You can find a list of the countries supported by PayPal on their website.

For publishers, is 100% free. There are no sign-up fees.

You have most likely received this message because you have multiple accounts associated with a single PayPal account. Our Terms & Conditions stipulate that you are not permitted to have multiple accounts with If you receive this message, you need to revert to your original account.

Publishers are permitted to click on their own links once for testing purposes. Clicking on your own links more than once violates our Terms & Conditions.

It is forbidden to ask or force other people to click on your links. Additionally, you are not allowed to provide any incentives for people to click on your links. People clicking on your links should only be doing so because they want to get through to the destination website.

No, you are not allowed to open links in a popup window automatically. links can only be opened when a visitor clicks on your link.

Please send an email to and explain the abuse that you have encountered. Our anti-abuse team will address your report as soon as possible.

You can delete your account by sending an email to .

Go to the website and click on the ‘Forgot Your Password?’ link, then follow the instructions.

First check your spam and junk folders. If you don’t see the confirmation email there, please send an email to .

Please visit the website, click ‘Sign Up’ and follow the instructions.

If you see suspicious activity in my account, please update your account details and contact us immediately by sending an email to .


There is no difference between an advertising account and a publishing account. You use the same account for advertising and for publishing. has strict advertiser guidelines that must be adhered to. Unfortunately, some advertisers violate these guidelines and engage in different forms of fraud.

If we suspect an account is engaging in fraudulent activity of any kind, that account will be suspended or terminated.

If you believe your account has been wrongfully suspended or terminated, please send an email outlining your case to . Include in the subject line of your email ‘Appealing Account Suspension/Termination’.

We do sometimes reverse suspensions/terminations if the account holder can prove that he or she was not engaging in fraud.

Typically the review process for an advertisement is completed within 24 hours. Please allow up to 3 full days before contacting us to ask about the review status of your advertisement.

Campaign URLs cannot be updated. If you wish to change the URL of a campaign, you should cancel the campaign and create a new one with the desired URL.

You should create a new campaign that does not violate our advertisement rules. Alternatively, you can request a refund.

Begin by logging into your account. Once inside the console, navigate to the Advertiser menu and select ‘Add Funds’. Enter the amount that you wish to deposit and then click ‘Process Payment’. You will then be taken to a secure PayPal page that will enable you to enter your payment details and complete the transaction.

Once your transaction has been processed, your Wallet balance will show the amount that you have deposited.

The minimum deposit for advertising with is $10.

The funds should appear within a few minutes but in some cases may take longer. Payments are sometimes delayed for anti-fraud purposes. Check your PayPal account to see if this is the case.

If the deposited funds have not reached your account within 24 hours of making a deposit, please send an email to .

The Wallet is a feature that provides advertisers who wish to run multiple campaigns the ability to purchase a larger number of advertising credits. The Wallet is a great feature for advertisers who wish to test multiple campaigns without being required to make a new deposit for each campaign. 

You can make a deposit by wire only for deposit amounts exceeding $2,000. If you wish to make a wire transfer, please email to request our bank details. We will then provide you with instructions for making the wire transfer, including the details of how you should reference the transaction. Note that any fees charged by the banks (your or ours) will be deducted from your account balance.

You can request an invoice, which we will be happy to provide, by sending an email to detailing the information that you wish to be included in the invoice.

Advertisers can target their campaigns according to country, device (desktop or mobile) and the day of the week.

You can set the Maximum Daily Spending for a campaign when the campaign is being created. This setting appears in Step 2 of the Create Campaign process.

Note that the Maximum Daily Spending is set in dollar terms. When the specified amount is exhausted in a day, your campaign will be paused until the next day.

You can only present YouTube videos in advertisements if you display them as embedded videos. YouTube does not permit advertisers to display YouTube URLs in an iframe, so embedded YouTube videos are the only option.

The common reasons for a campaign stopping are that the Maximum Daily Spending has been reached or that the website being advertised has been Declined or is Pending.

You can send us an email to if neither of these explanations apply to you.

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